Astrological Consulting for Businesses

bull market, Beth McDonaldBusiness Consultant Uses Business Astrology to Help Resolve Your Toughest Corporate, Career or Business Challenges

Solutions based on Business Astrology have been used for thousands of years to fine tune an organization’s direction and planning. In both a bull and a bear market, astrological insights help you achieve your company’s goals on time and within budget so that you experience the achievements, accolades and sense of freedom that come with success.

Combined with Business Consulting, Business Astrology helps you work in harmony with universal forces so you push through challenges more quickly, implement crisis management strategies with more clarity and confidence, and more easily handle the daily ups and downs that threaten to derail your life or business.

Beth McDonald is one of a rare handful of consultants who draws on the resources of both the material and spiritual worlds. She skillfully uncovers the information you need to create the customized solutions that get the professional and personal results you want. The knowledge gleaned from an astrological analysis gives you direction to create an integrated strategic plan specifically for you, your family, your business or career, your lawsuit or your political campaign.

bear market, Beth McDonaldBecome more productive and achieve more peace and harmony with Business Astrology

On a personal level, you gain deep insights that:

  • Create awareness of the dynamics at work inside the company so that you can contribute positively without comprising what you believe in.
  • Bring relief from confusion and fear, especially the fear of being wrong, and keep you focused on the success, peace and security that you long for.
  • Provide the clarity and confidence that comes from clearly articulated goals, an integrated plan of action, and a heightened sense of connection to your community, family and colleagues.
  • Shed light on who you are, why you do what you do, what you like and don’t like (that might not be obvious to you).
  • Point out blind spots (we all have them!) so that you see situations from a broader perspective. You avoid the extreme social, emotional and financial pain that come from a disaster caused by a well-defended blind spot.

If you’d like to develop customized, integrated success strategies to resolve your toughest challenges, call Beth, a Santa Barbara-based business consultant and astrologer, at (805) 963 -0842 or email