Business Consultant, Astrologer, and Corporate Intuitive Helps You Reach Your Business Goals with Peace and Confidence

When you’re performing at a high level, the demands of everyday life and work can throw you into fear: fear of failure, fear of not having enough money, fear of losing your job or business. You may also feel that you’re compromising your personal values to reach your goals. Yet often it’s not easy to power through without support.

Under her guidance, you solve your work, business, and life problems more quickly and easily while staying within the confines of budget, calendars, and personal risk tolerances. At the same time, you honor your integrity and personal values. Beth integrates practical business strategies with her intuitive skills and the deeper insights of astrology. A rare talent, Beth is one of a small number of American psychics specializing in business, legal and political issues. Her work has been applauded by a diverse clientele ranging from corporate CEOs and CFOs to small business owners and professionals.

Santa Barbara Business Consultant and Astrologer Beth McDonald offers a holistic approach to high performance—that recognizes the interdependence of all parts of your life and business.

When you’re willing to look at your work and life from a broader perspective—and want to bring all aspects of your life into alignment with one another so that you reach your business and personal goals more easily—call Beth at 805.963.0842 to talk about your situation.