Psychic Readings & Regressions

"The Goddess of Hanepepe" photo by Eric Watts.

The Goddess of Hanepepe

As a professional intuitive, I have a number of tools at my disposal. This makes me very happy, as it allows me to customize each reading according to the needs of the individual client. It doesn’t matter to me how we get there, what matters to me is we get it right. Professional intuitives survive and thrive only by being accurate. Especially in California, where people like me are a dime a dozen. And especially in a renowned healing environment such as Santa Barbara, where pretty much everyone – regardless of their profession – claims to have significant psychic abilities. So I have a very very vested interested in being accurate. As a psychic astrologer, I primarily rely on my native psychic abilities and different astrological tools. If you are interested in a reading, the following are some of the most practical tools we can use, either as stand-alone methods or combined. If you have any questions or need any further information about readings and regressions, please contact me at 805.963.0842 or

Psychic Medium

gethsemane 2

Gethsemane at St. Peter’s Cathedral, Drogheda.

Because I receive insight and psychic information in all three ways (visually, aurally, and kinesthetically), I am unusually gifted and prefer to start with no backstory or detail, though, if the client prefers to I certainly can. I like to start with a brief meditation, in which I first cleanse, clear, and bless us and the physical space. Then I ask your guides, guardians angels, and ancestors to provide us information on the priorities of the moment, and how the client can move forward on their goals in the most healthy and constructive way. If you have any questions or need any further information about psychic readings, please contact me at 805.963.0842 or

Past Life Regression

Bridge to the other Side

Bridge to the Other Side

As a spiritual counselor and consultant, I believe Past Life Regression to be an essential component of an individual’s process of and path to peace and success. In order to build a bridge to your future, it must be anchored to the solid bedrock of consciousness that only comes from truly understanding where you were before and why you are here now. While Past Life Regression therapy is a key part of spiritual evolution, it is extraordinarily helpful in getting people out of a victim mentality and into greater ownership of their life and its many different moments. Past Life Regression therapy is a sophisticated tool that most people master only after they are well along in their process. If you have any questions or need any further information about Past Life Regression, please contact me at 805.963.0842 or


"Saint Mark's Clock" photo by Laurie Duchowny.

Saint Mark’s Clock.

I love astrology. You just cannot be an astrological consultant and not love astrology. But I came late to this party. While I have been clairvoyant and intuitive since childhood, I discovered astrology in 1993, and I was hooked from the first minute of class. I love astrology because it is an ancient wisdom. I love astrology because it is filled with universal truths and archetypes. I love astrology because it is so mathematical in its precision. And I love astrology because it is based on the premise that everyone is unique, that everyone is here for a unique purpose, and that that purpose is both understandable and actionable.

The tricky part is there are so many kinds of astrology; like anything else, astrology is subject to a wide variety of schools of thought. While there are several kinds of astrology that intrigue me, I practice Western Psychological Astrology exclusively. Given that, I think it is really important for any astrology reading to start with the natal chart in order to be thoroughly grounded in exactly who the person is as a soul: why they are here, what they brought forth to share and express in this lifetime, as well as what they need to learn and master. To ensure optimum clarity and consistency, we also review the transits, solar return, and progressed charts to get a sense of what the lesson is in each moment, what the best course of action is, and to determine the right timing for certain actions. If you have any questions or need any further information about astrology readings, please contact me at 805.963.0842 or


"Head West" photo by Eric Watts.

Head West

As a practicing astrological consultant, I pride myself in many things, one of them being a more esoteric application of astrology called astrolocality. This method allows the seeker to determine how comfortable and successful they will be in different geographic regions. Astrolocality (also known as astrocartography) can be extremely useful in helping people make good decisions about the best places in which to vacation, relocate, invest, or launch a new venture. There are primarily two methods of evaluating the pros and cons of a location, and I like to use both of them, because each one provides something the other does not (you know me, always curious). For more information about using astrolocality to help you reach your goals, contact me at 805.963.0842 or We’ll figure it out.