Professional Philosophy

Santa Barbara Professional Philosophy Services by Beth McDonald

When choosing a consultant of any kind, it is important to know what their philosophies are: where they stand on key issues and what you can expect from them. I think this information is even more significant when dealing with the realms of metaphysics. Just as every intuitive reader’s gift is uniquely different, their training, experience, philosophies, standpoints, and opinions are generally very different as well.

I work best with those who are results-oriented. Especially those who have developed a clear vision of their goals and objectives, and who are fairly aggressive about pursuing them. I also work well with those who understand the process of success and are ready to identify their goals and create a plan to achieve them.

To find out more about my philosophies and what you can expect from working with me, please peruse this website. If you have any further, more specific questions about how I work or what I can do for you and your group, please contact me by phone during normal business hours at 805.963.0842, or at any time by email at