Counseling Individuals, Couples & Families

Holy Family

While my primary demographic is businesses and business people, I also do work with individuals, couples, and families on more personal issues. There are several reasons for this. Career professionals do not exist independently. I truly believe Stephen Covey’s philosophy of interdependence is particularly accurate here. No matter how strong your career is, you still have to be mindful of your relationships. And not just your business relationships. Your spouse or partner, your parents and children, your siblings, cousins, in-laws, neighbors, and friends all need careful consideration and concentrated effort. With that said, I also believe that you need the same skills to be successful in business as you do to be successful as a family and community: you have to be able to keep everybody on the same page – working together as a team and moving towards your common goals. And you have to be able to operate in the black. Especially now.

The most common place I see these dilemmas play out is in creating and managing that delicate balance between work and family. Because there are more women in the American workforce now than ever before, because women make less money than men, and because women who choose to have children advance more slowly and make less money than men or women who don’t, it is absolutely imperative that working women be very practical and pragmatic about their family lives. Especially younger women, who are just starting their careers and their families. One particularly fine example of this is around fertility, conception, pregnancy, and delivery. Looking at the various astrological transits that are to occur when you’re trying to conceive, during your pregnancy, and at the time you are to deliver can give you a greater sense of confidence about the soul you are bringing in, the karma you have together, and your ability to be a loving and effective parent. Especially if the child was conceived or is due to be born during a Mercury Retrograde.

Given our current economic realities, it’s important to keep your eyes on the prize and your feet grounded firmly in reality. And it is essential to create a customized, integrated success strategy that will work for you. If you need help building bridges to your dreams, contact me at 805.963.0842 or I can help you to create the power, the magical and the experiences in your life that you’re looking for.