Astrological Radio Shows & Guest Appearances

Radio Show: “Tell Me Your Story,” with Richard Dugan. Astrological and Astronomical Editor, 2010 – present

Richard Dugan originally asked me to make an appearance on his weekly “Tell Me Your Story”  astrological radio show in 2010. The two of us hit it off so well he gave me a regular segment. Plus, he has me on for the full hour about once year. Now I enjoy the title of Astrological and Astronomical Editor. Listen to my previous Astrological Radio Shows & Santa Barbara Guest Appearances.



Astrological Radio Show on KKCR Hawai'i

Kauai Community Radio KKCR, 2009.

Guest Appearance: Kauai Community Radio KKCR, 2009

Over the course of time and travel, I have developed a lot of friends and clients in Hawaii. In 2009 I was introduced to Tracey Schavone, who has a regular radio show on Kauai Community Radio KKCR. KKCR features a variety of uplifting songs, authors, ideas, events, and speakers. Tracey invited me to be on her show in the fall of 2009, and I was really excited and honored.





Radio Show: “How to Get There From Here,”  2002 – 2003.

With Deborah Shay I co-hosted the radio show “How to Get There from Here” on KTMS in Santa Barbara. The show aired late Saturday afternoons from 4 to 5 p.m. and enjoyed a surprisingly large and receptive audience. The premise of “How to Get There from Here” was to help listeners develop their own tools for dealing with life’s ups and downs, particularly the downs. Check out the following links to read what the local media reported about “How to Get There from Here.”