Astrological Articles and Columns

Astrological Columns in Santa Barbara by Beth McDonald

Speaking to the Carpinteria Woman’s Club 2008.

As a business psychic and astrologer, I make my living communicating. I consider myself lucky to be Santa Barbara’s premiere astrological and intuitive writer and journalist. My books, newsletters, public speaking, and radio shows are covered elsewhere on this site. Some of my finer moments in print media, my best articles and columns, are below. 

While it is common for astrologers and intuitives to be prolific writers, it’s certainly not required. In my case, however, I don’t think there is any possible way I could have avoided it. Some say it’s in my chart. Some say it’s my traditional upbringing and my classical education. Regardless of where it comes from, I not only have an inherent love of language, I am a devoted student of it. I am fascinated by both the process of communication and the different vehicles for it. And I continue to dabble in pretty much all of them.

Regular Columns

“Starry Views,” Coastal View News, 2006 – 2012.


“It’s all in the Stars,” Scene and Heard Magazine, 2007 – 2008.

My birthday of 2007 was a big, big day. It was the official launch date of Scene & Heard in Santa Barbara Magazine, where I premiered a new astrology column.


“Her Highness of the Horoscope,” Santa Barbara News-Press Woman! Magazine.

In 2006, I was working an exquisite Bridal Faire (Sunlight to Candlelight, to be exact), when I happened to meet a Santa Barbara News-Press Editor (a Libra, she was perfectly in her dharma at that job). She had seen my Astro-Blog newsletter and asked me if I would write for her. So I did. At least until they discontinued the magazine. What I loved about this project was that I was writing for my primary demographic: higher-educated professional women between the ages of 30-65. These are my people. I also loved the structure of it: the editors had really specific parameters for each issue – as each issue was themed – and yet they let me be very creative and authentic, which was fabulous.



“Seasonal Spirituality: Learning the Language of the Winter Solstice,”  Coastal View News, Dec. 20, 2007.


“Beyond the Big Day: Living Happily Ever After,” Santa Barbara News-Press Weddings Magazine, Jan. 28, 2007.


“Seasonal Spirituality: Learning the Language of the Summer Solstice,” Coastal View News, June 21, 2007.


“Spirituality and the Seasons: Learning the Language of the Fall Equinox,” Coastal View News, Sept. 20, 2007.